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Wuhan Baishazhou Bridge

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Wuhan Baishazhou Bridge

Bild und Text von BRDI

The total length of the bridge with-6-lane carraigeway is 3856 meters.The main pain part is 5-span (50+180+618+180+50) continuous composite beam cable-stayed bridge with tower 175 meters in height and beam 30.5 meters in width.Because of the very low subgrade resistance,steel box beam is adopted for 904 meters long middle part of the bridge to lighten self-weight of structure,and concrete box beam is adopted for 87 meters long each end of the bridge to make full use of the rigidity of anchorage spans.The excellent performance is achieved through the reasonable arrangement of the bridge,therefore,material tonnage is saved,That large cofferdam,high bearing-cap,bored pile foundations are designed becomes a successful exploration at the Yantze River with deep water and fast flow,thus,cost is saved and construction duration is shortened.The bridge ranked as the third place among cable-stayed bridges in the world after completed. The bridge was opened to traffic on Sep. 2000. Our institute took the responsibility of conduct study,preliminary design , detailed design and construction monitoring.

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Brückentyp: Hängebrücke
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